On October 1, local time, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in a speech at the Grand National Assembly that Turkey showed its determination to fight terrorism at the NATO summit, and will pay close attention to whether Sweden and Finland abide by their commitments, and Turkey will remain firm. Stand until the promise is fulfilled.

  Turkish Justice Minister Bozda said last month that a delegation from Sweden's justice ministry would visit Turkey on October 5-6 to discuss extradition of "terrorists".

Bozda said talks between Turkey and Sweden and Finland on extradition were continuing.

  Sweden and Finland formally applied to join NATO in May this year, but were opposed by NATO member Turkey.

On June 28, local time, Turkey, Finland and Sweden signed a tripartite memorandum on Finland and Sweden joining NATO in Madrid. The memorandum emphasized that the three parties will strengthen cooperation in the field of counter-terrorism. Turkey supports Finland and Sweden in joining NATO and establishes a joint mechanism. , to ensure that countries actually implement the agreement.

(Headquarters reporter Gu Yuting)