He is baptized the "shark of Niederroedern", the city where he was deputy mayor.

The trial of Jean-Christophe K., opens on Monday before the Assize Court of Bas-Rhin, in Strasbourg.

This 50-year-old former teacher is accused of sexually assaulting 34 little girls aged 8 to 11 and raping three of them, according to Les DNA.

If he admitted sexual touching between 2007 and 2018, the ex-professor of physics and chemistry at the college of Seltz, denies the rapes.

The "shark game"

According to the investigation, the accused had a well-rehearsed strategy.

He asked his two daughters to invite their friends to put them at ease.

The touching took place in his swimming pool during a game he had called “shark game”.

He took the opportunity to touch the private parts of the girls, under water.

The assaults sometimes continued in the shower and the victims were filmed without their knowledge.

Jean-Christophe K., invested in the life of his parish, also took advantage of the scout camps he hosted to attack the young participants.

It was a young woman, a few years later, who denounced the facts she said she suffered when she was a child.

Father's complicity?

Jean Christophe K.'s father will also be at the helm for complicity.

Justice accuses him of having thrown his son's USB keys into his fireplace on which child pornography videos were stored.

The trial, which may be partly held behind closed doors, is due to last two weeks, until Friday, October 14.


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