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It has been argued that the signatures of the five people who reviewed the doctoral dissertation of Mrs.

Min Hyung-bae, an independent member of the National Assembly Education Committee, disclosed the results of the handwriting evaluation.

The private research institute in charge of handwriting appraisal concluded that all five signatures on the appraisal were presumed to have been written by the same person.

In addition, opinions such as that the handwriting of the five signatures were all written with the same writing instrument, which is presumed to be a thick-pointed pen, and the overall baeja shape, the composition of the stroke and the skill level of the pen movement, etc. added.

Rep. Min said that the handwriting evaluation revealed that Mrs. Kim's thesis was insufficient in both content and form. claimed to do.

(Photo = Provided by Min Hyung-bae (independent) member of the National Assembly Education Committee, Yonhap News)