SVT's Middle East team Samir Abu Eid and Salim Alsabbagh have met a group of women who fill sandbags and dig bulletproof vests in the rocky ground around Terbespiye.

They are volunteers and usually work as teachers and nurses.

Several are also housewives.

One of them is Rokan Jaafar, who during a break in the 40-degree heat sits leaning against a car with a Kalashnikov in his hands.

- As a mother, I have my everyday chores at home, but I help out in the association when needed.

If something were to happen, it would not only affect me, but also my children.

Terrorist allegations

Suad Soulaiman, who is also armed with an automatic carbine, fills in:

- We are here preparing ourselves in case they try to attack and kill us - be it IS or the Turks.

The responsible authority - the Inspectorate for Strategic Products - has again granted permission for exports, which is a direct consequence of Sweden's agreement with Turkey in the NATO negotiations.

Turkey regards the Syrian Kurds in the YPG as a branch of the terror-labeled PKK.

It is therefore considered to have the right to fight them with weapons, even on the territory of other countries if necessary.

Kurdish volunteer Mohamed Ibrahim has the opposite opinion.

- People who defend their own country are not terrorists.

But those who attack another people in their own country, they are terrorists.