“I have a personal message to convey, with intimate things, and sometimes not easy to say”… Wednesday September 28, Boris Venon, elected socialist and second deputy mayor since 2020, threw a big stone into the pond.

Elected for eight years and for fourteen years at Les Mureaux, he announced his resignation to the municipal council, claiming to have suffered "eleven attacks".

In a filmed session (and available from 3 hours and 26 minutes of recording on the city's website) the elected official said he was "worried about the disintegration" in his city, before embarking on the attacks which have touched for two years, he said.

“Myself and my family felt threatened in our physical integrity,” he says.

“These last episodes were violent and deeply called into question the link I had with the town.

I saw myself reproached who I am, ”he continues.

In total, Boris Venon says he suffered "death threats" and "homophobic and racist insults".

"The white man is leaving my town, we are at home here" would have told him, still according to his testimony, a resident of Mureaux, before chasing him to his home and threatening him with death.

“You will have understood that I am about to return to my duties”

The elected official then engaged in a more political analysis, regretting that his city had to manage "requests for derogation", castigating a "community withdrawal", and welcoming the "municipal practice" "republican and universalist".

Boris Venon claims to have no response from the judicial authorities two months after his complaint and ends by saying goodbye to his municipal council.

“You will have understood that I am about to return to my duties.


A discourse used by the far right

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, François Garay, the mayor (PS) of Mureaux judged the acts and remarks against his deputy “unacceptable”.

“Les Mureaux, that's not it!

Shortcuts are always very dangerous,” added the elected official.

On Twitter, many elected members of the National Rally or far-right supporters have used this sequence.

"When the elected PS Boris Venon announces his departure from a city that is turning into an Islamic colony," tweeted Damien Rieu, for example, from Eric Zemmour's team.

“This is the devastating result of massive immigration policies,” commented Laurent Morin, RN regional adviser.

Anti-white racism is considered by many researchers as a contradiction, so-called systemic racism can only affect a group of dominated people.

“Obviously, racial discrimination (…) does not strike whites and non-whites equally,” notes Sciences po researcher Daniel Sabbagh, who notes, however, that anti-white racism can very well be approached in a more empirical angle, as “a range of negative attitudes determined by the perceived membership of the targeted individual in such or such group conventionally defined as 'racial'”.


"Those who are dominant, whether they like it or not, are not aware that they are dominant," says Lilian Thuram


"A drift of the anti-racist fight", the LICRA falls on Lilian Thuram after an interview

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