China News Service, September 30. According to a report from the American Overseas Chinese News Network, a new report shows that US political parties and candidates should spend more efforts to win over Texas' Asian Pacific American voters, a group that is not only growing rapidly, but also eager to be in the United States. Vote in midterm elections.

  According to English-language media reports, the report comes from a new poll by the nonprofit Asian Texans for Justice, which shows that 64 percent of Asian-Pacific American voters in Texas are "very motivated" to vote in the midterm elections.

This is important for parties and candidates who need to take practical steps to understand this voter group, the researchers said.

  Compared to all other groups in Texas, Asian Pacific Americans are the fastest-growing group, according to the report.

The Asian Pacific American population has grown by about two-thirds over the past decade to make up 18 percent of the Texas population.

  "This is a group that can be fought for, make sure that this group is heard. We need to be heard," said the president of the aforementioned nonprofit.

  While this group appears to be interested in the midterm elections, much of this likely reflects their dissatisfaction with existing officials, the report said.

Only 20 percent of AAPI voters said their interests were "well represented in government."

  In addition, the number of Asian Pacific American voters in Texas is increasing rapidly, but the proportion of the overall voter is still relatively small, only 4.6%.

However, as elections across Texas intensify, the role of Asian Pacific American voters should not be underestimated.

  Asian voters in Texas are more likely to be immigrants than other groups, the report found.

The founder of the nonprofit AAPI Data said that this has led to a lack of identification with either political party and that it has made "Asian Americans more likely to be persuaded than other groups."