A U.S. hospital has admitted more than 500 gunshot wounds this year

  Overseas Network, September 30. According to the KTVU TV station of Fox Broadcasting Corporation in the United States on September 29, the Highland Hospital in Oakland, California, said that there are still three months left this year, but the hospital has treated more than 500 shooting victims. That's just 33 fewer than the 2021 total.

  Highland Hospital is a local medical institution specializing in the treatment of gunshot wounds in Auckland. It is currently doing its best to treat the wounded in the Auckland school shooting on the 28th.

Doctors have been alarmed by the rising number of gunshot wounds in recent years, calling it "astronomical".

"As healthcare workers, we have to raise the alarm," said Alameda County Health System CEO James Jackson. "We're seeing a devastating surge in gun violence."

  Data shows that in 2018, Highland Hospital admitted 278 gunshot wounds and 547 in 2021.

So far this year, the hospital has treated 514 people, just 33 fewer than the 2021 total.

Jackson argues that gun violence reflects an inequity that particularly affects low-income communities of color in Alameda County.

He also said that in addition to doing its best to treat the wounded, the Alameda Health System, which includes Heights Hospital, will also work to prevent gun violence and provide mental health services to victims of gun violence.

(Overseas Network/Wang Shanning)