Reporter Dong Fanchao's National Day holiday is approaching. The railway public security organs across the country have been following the unified deployment of the Railway Public Security Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security for several days. While doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control, they have refined security measures, strictly implemented responsibilities, strengthened crackdowns, and strengthened public security. Actively maintain a good public security environment and make every effort to ensure the safety of passengers.

  According to the security and passenger flow, the railway public security organs in various places shall scientifically and rationally arrange the police force, closely cooperate with the local public security organs and the armed police stationed in the station, strengthen the patrol and inspection of the station area, and deal with the safety of passengers involved in the forcible entry of the gates and the occupation of seats. crackdown on the security problem.

The elite police officers were dispatched to form the "Iron Eagle" team to go deep into key stations and trains to crack down on illegal activities such as "robbery, robbery and fraud" to ensure the safety of passengers' property.

  The Beijing Railway Public Security Department dispatched police to reinforce key stations in Beijing, Beijing West, and Beijing Chaoyang, and take care of key areas such as entry and exit.

Qingdao, Xuzhou, Mudanjiang and other railway public security offices have joined with railway units and local public security, transportation, epidemic prevention and other departments to carry out emergency handling drills to improve their ability to handle emergencies quickly and properly.

All members of the Traffic Management Detachment of the Taiyuan Railway Public Security Department have taken up their posts to focus on cleaning up traffic chaos such as illegal parking and illegal carrying of passengers around Taiyuan and Taiyuan South stations. In the past week, more than 400 traffic violations of various types have been investigated and dealt with to ensure the safety of the "last mile". unblocked.

Recently, the Baotou Railway Public Security Department started with a passenger telecommunications fraud case that occurred on September 6, and carried out a special investigation. With the support and help of the public security organs in Shandong, Hebei, Guangdong and other places, one fraud gang and two money laundering gangs were destroyed. , 11 criminal suspects were arrested, and 134 cases of telecommunications fraud were cracked.