Nicolas Tonev 7:14 p.m., September 30, 2022

Vladimir Putin signed the annexation of four Ukrainian regions by Russia this Friday, after a speech of about forty minutes delivered in the Kremlin.

A speech in his image, where the Russian president appealed to history, used anti-Western rhetoric and operated a reversal of the situation of the conflict.


There was only Vladimir Putin in the text.

The Russian president held a speech this Friday in the Kremlin devoted to the annexation of four Ukrainian regions by Russia, following the referendums denounced by kyiv and its Western allies.

The speech of the master of the Kremlin turned out to be a 100% Putin speech.

The leader summoned the thousand-year-old history between Russia and Ukraine which would have it that the regions at war have in reality always been Russian, and that the Ukrainian years are only an accident of history.

An accident that Vladimir Putin wants to correct, in a way, by protecting the Russian-speaking populations from "genocide".

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