Regarding new comprehensive economic measures, Prime Minister Kishida said at a cabinet meeting on the 30th that the relevant ministers should compile a plan by the end of next month, focusing on efforts to combat rising prices and wage increases, as well as regional revitalization that takes advantage of the weaker yen. instructed to

At a cabinet meeting on the 30th, Prime Minister Kishida said, "While fully taking into account the risk of a slowdown in the global economy, we will respond seamlessly to changes in the economic situation, such as the recent surge in commodity prices, and make great strides forward with the 'new capitalism.' "Comprehensive economic measures will be formulated."

On top of that, we will renew the following four items: ▼

Efforts to combat soaring prices and wage increases,

▼Restore and strengthen regional “earning power” by taking advantage of the weaker yen, ▼Accelerate “


capitalism,” and

▼Ensure public safety and security.

I have shown the idea that it will be a pillar of comprehensive economic measures.

In line with these four pillars, I instructed relevant ministers to consider specific measures led by Minister of State for Economic Revitalization Yamagiwa, and to compile measures by the end of next month.

At a press conference after the cabinet meeting, Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno said, ``We will proceed with consideration while fully cooperating with the ruling parties in line with the pillars instructed by Prime Minister Kishida.''

After that, regarding the second supplementary budget bill for this year, which will support the economic measures, he said, ``After compiling comprehensive economic measures, I would like to promptly organize them and submit them to the extraordinary Diet.''