China News Service, September 30. According to the website of the Ministry of Emergency Management, recently, the Office of the National Disaster Reduction Committee and the Ministry of Emergency Management jointly held a meeting with the Ministry of Natural Resources, the Ministry of Water Resources, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the Meteorological Bureau, and the Forestry and Grass Bureau. In October and during the National Day, the national natural disaster risk situation will be discussed and judged.

  After comprehensive analysis, 1-2 typhoons may land in China in October or significantly affect my country; some areas such as Northwest China, North China, and Southwest China are at high risk of flood disasters; droughts in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River will maintain or develop; The disaster risk is relatively high; the local forest fire risk level in Jiangxi, Hunan and other places is extremely dangerous.

During the National Day, it is necessary to focus on disaster risks such as floods, wind and hail, geological disasters, and forest fires.

  details as follows:

  One is typhoon disaster risk.

In October, there were 2-4 typhoons in the Northwest Pacific Ocean and the South China Sea, which were close to the same period in normal years to less (3.5), of which 1-2 may have landed or significantly affected our country. The last landing time was more than normal (October 3) Later, the risk of typhoon disasters in the coastal areas of South China is relatively high.

There may be one disastrous typhoon storm surge process in the coastal areas of my country, one disastrous temperate storm surge process, and 4-5 disastrous wave processes of more than 4 meters in the coastal waters.

  The second is the risk of flood disasters.

In October, the eastern part of Northwest China, North China, southern Northeast China, and western Southwest China had more precipitation, among which Shanxi, northern Shaanxi, Ningxia, southeastern Gansu, western Yunnan, western Sichuan, and eastern Tibet had more precipitation by 2-50%.

The local heavy precipitation in the above-mentioned areas has a high risk of mountain torrent disasters and urban waterlogging.

Floods may occur in the upper reaches of the Yalong River, Mintuo River, Jialing River and Han River in the Yangtze River Basin, the main stream and tributaries Weihe and Yiluo River in the middle reaches of the Yellow River Basin.

  The third is drought risk.

The temperature in southern Henan, southern Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, central and southern Anhui, eastern Hubei, central and eastern Hunan, most of Jiangxi, northern Fujian, and Tibet was 1-2°C higher.

The precipitation in southern Jiangsu, southern Anhui, Zhejiang, Shanghai, central and southern Hubei, most of Hunan, most of Jiangxi, most of Fujian, eastern Chongqing, eastern Guizhou and other places is 2-50% less.

In the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, the precipitation is relatively low, the temperature is relatively high, and the drought will maintain or develop, which may affect the timely and appropriate moisture content in autumn and winter.

  The fourth is the risk of geological disasters.

Western and southern Shanxi, northwestern Henan, western Hubei, northern Guangdong, southern Guangxi, northeastern Chongqing, northern and central-southern Sichuan (Luding earthquake disaster area), northern and western Yunnan, southeastern Tibet, southern and eastern Shaanxi, southern Gansu , eastern Qinghai, southern Ningxia and other parts of the region are at higher risk of geological disasters.

  The fifth is the risk of forest fires.

The forest fire danger level of northern Fujian, central and northern Jiangxi, southeastern Hubei, most of Hunan, northern and western Guangxi, northeastern Guangxi, and southeastern Guizhou is highly dangerous. The forest fire danger level is extremely dangerous.

  During the National Day, according to the forecast of the meteorological department, there will be heavy rainfall in northern Sichuan, southern Shaanxi, southern North China, Huanghuai and other places, accompanied by strong convective weather, causing high risks of floods, hail and geological disasters.

Fujian, Jiangxi, Hubei, Hunan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Guizhou and other local forest fire danger levels are high.

In addition, from October 1st to 6th, a large-scale strong wind cooling process will occur in most of my country from north to south.