A 16-year-old Japanese high school student beat a passerby seriously in the middle of the night and voluntarily surrendered, saying "I just want to go to jail"

  Overseas Network, September 30. According to Japan's "Mainichi Shimbun" reported on September 29, Saitama Prefecture police in Japan arrested a 16-year-old male high school student on suspicion of attempted robbery and murder that day.

The high school student who robbed and beat women on the street in the middle of the night confessed after being arrested that he was "tired of life and wanted to go to jail".

After the news was exposed, many Japanese netizens voiced their condemnation.

  At 0:45 on the 29th, the suspect hit a 27-year-old woman on the head several times with a two-wheeled skateboard at the intersection near the national highway in Migo City, Saitama Prefecture, and strangled her neck to make her hand over the cash. Grab 500 yen (about RMB 25) and leave.

The victim suffered serious injuries and a fractured nasal bone, and was rushed to the hospital for treatment.

  At about 1:20 on the 29th, the high school student involved called the police and was arrested by the police.

He confessed that he beat and kicked people he didn't know, and he really wanted to kill.

Police are investigating the details of the case.

  Many Japanese netizens criticized the high school student under the relevant news, "Recently, crimes committed to the death penalty have been increasing, and I hope that the sentence will be severed, regardless of age or gender!" "Although that area is a residential area, there is almost no lighting. You must be careful on the road at night!" "What kind of parent can raise such a child?" (Overseas Network/Wang Shanning)