China News Service, September 30. According to the website of the Chinese Embassy in Morocco, several Chinese citizens reported to the embassy recently that the criminals disguised the caller number as the embassy phone number (0537754092) in an attempt to commit fraud in the name of the embassy.

  The Chinese Embassy in Morocco solemnly reminds Chinese citizens in Morocco:

  1. Don't send money to strangers easily.

  2. The embassy will not notify the parties that there are documents or packages that need to be collected by telephone or telephone recording.

  3. The embassy will not ask anyone for personal bank card or account information over the phone.

  4. The embassy will not notify the parties by phone that there is a domestic case that needs to be handled, and will not transfer the parties to the so-called "Interpol Center" or the domestic public prosecutor's office through phone calls or telephone recordings.

  If you are unable to identify whether it is a fraudulent call, please promptly check the embassy or the Global Consular Protection and Service Emergency Call Center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (+86-10-12308).

If you are unfortunate enough to be deceived, you should report the case to the Moroccan police in time, and report to the domestic public security organ at the same time.

If you cannot report the case directly to the domestic public security organ, you can report the case through your close relatives in China in time, and ask for help from the anti-telecom network fraud center where the case was reported in China (dial 110 or 96110 to transfer to the anti-fraud center).

  Please forward the above notice to the Chinese compatriots in Morocco through multiple channels to prevent more compatriots from being deceived.