Thus, the embassy reacted to a Newsweek article that cites statements by anonymous Pentagon officials about the development of plans to respond to Russia's hypothetical use of nuclear weapons.

As noted in the embassy, ​​“among the crazy options being considered is inflicting a so-called decapitation blow on the Russian military-political leadership.”

“At the US Department of Defense, there should be no doubt about our determination to defend state sovereignty, territorial integrity, and the people by all means available.

Therefore, a risky thought experiment by US military planners could end up costing the United States dearly.

The department noted that any military clash of nuclear powers will inevitably lead to catastrophic consequences.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that if the territorial integrity of Russia is threatened, all means will be used to protect the Russian people.

Putin also said in an address to Russian citizens that the goal of the collective West is to weaken and destroy Russia.