In his appeal, the deputy noted that at present, the legislation provides for numerous measures to support combat veterans, including in the field of preferential taxation.

At the same time, a unified federal benefit in terms of paying transport tax for this category of citizens is not provided.

Each subject, at its discretion, can determine this benefit, Fedorov noted.

He also clarified that in some regions, veterans are now exempt from paying transport tax, in a number of regions, combatants have discounts on transport tax or are exempted from payment, provided that they use cars with low-power engines.

“In this regard, I ask you to consider the issue of the advisability of introducing a single federal benefit - the exemption of combat veterans from paying tax on one vehicle with a capacity of up to 200 hp.

s., leaving the regions the right to apply additional benefits, including for cars with higher engine power, ”the appeal says.

Earlier it became known that the Federal Notarial Chamber exempted mobilized citizens from paying for services of a legal and technical nature.