North Korea fired two missiles last night (29th).

The missile was fired three times in five days, and it seems to be aimed at South Korea-U.S. training and US Vice President Harris' visit to South Korea.

The NSC Standing Committee has decided to strengthen sanctions against North Korea.

Ahn Jung-sik, a reporter specializing in North Korea, reports.


North Korea fired two ballistic missiles into the East Sea last night.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff said that North Korea fired two short-range ballistic missiles from the Suncheon area in South Pyongan Province to the East Sea from about 8:48 to about 57 last night.

The missile had a flight range of about 350 km, an altitude of about 50 km, and a speed of about Mach 5.

The North Korean missile was launched from a mobile launch pad, and it is known that the missile was launched from a place normally used as a missile target.

North Korea's missile launches took place three times over five days, following the Taecheon area in Pyeongbuk on the 25th and the Sunan area in Pyongyang two days ago.

It seems to be a reaction against the joint South Korea-US naval exercise in the East Sea and the South Korea-US-Japan anti-submarine exercise starting today.

In addition, it seems to be aimed at US Vice President Harris, who visited South Korea to find the demilitarized zone.

The presidential office said that President Yoon Seok-yeol received a report immediately and held the NSC Standing Committee presided over by Kim Seong-han, head of the National Security Office.

The NSC Standing Committee condemned North Korea's continued violation of Security Council resolutions, and decided to strengthen sanctions against North Korea together with the international community based on ROK-U.S. cooperation.