The People's Power has asked the government to consider suspending indoor masks for children such as infants and elementary school students.

The People's Power held a party-government council meeting at the National Assembly in the morning, attended by government officials such as the Ministry of Health and Welfare and the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and delivered this position.

At a briefing after the meeting, Chairman Seong Il-jong asked the government for four issues: ▲ Abolition of PCR (gene amplification) testing after entering overseas ▲ Allowing face-to-face visits to nursing hospitals ▲ Stopping infants and children wearing indoor masks ▲ Prevention of influenza and corona outbreaks said he did.

"I asked the government to review with an expert whether it is possible to stop wearing indoor masks as soon as possible, starting with daycare centers, kindergartens, and elementary schools," said the head of the gender policy committee.

He continued, "Infants and elementary school students attending daycare centers and kindergartens have problems with language development when wearing indoor masks."

He also said, "The only places where PCR tests are performed after entering Korea are Korea and China, and the government has asked the government to abolish it. I ordered it,” he said.

The head of the provincial policy committee added, "There is a possibility of a winter flu epidemic and a re-infection of the corona virus, so we requested thorough quarantine."

He continued, "Thanks to the dedication of many medical staff and the public, the calming down of the Corona virus is clearly visible. The government also sees a decline for the fifth week in a row." It is one-fifth the level of comparison.”

(Photo = Yonhap News)