There are not enough prisons and remand places in the country, which is why Sörbyn is now being expanded.

The institution currently has 40 regular places and 13 standby places, but the idea is to triple the number of places to a total of 144.

- It feels great that we have now taken the sod.

It feels like the starting point for a modern institution that should be able to provide good and efficient correctional care, says Diana Wikberg, Director of Correctional Services in Umeå.

The buildings will be completed in stages and the idea is that everything should be ready in 2026.

- When we decide where to build, we do so based on our operational perspectives, but then it is good if there is a synergy between regional politics and our operational reasons, says Martin Holmgren, Director General of the Correctional Service.

Hear more about the construction in the clip.