People's Power Minority Leader Joo Ho-young said about the proposal for the dismissal of Minister of Foreign Affairs Park Jin proposed by the Democratic Party of Korea, "If too many resolutions on a proposal that is difficult to accept, only the effect of the dismissal proposal under the Constitution will be lost, and a caricature phenomenon may occur."

Minority Leader Joo met with reporters at the National Assembly and asked how he plans to respond if the proposal for dismissal of Minister Park goes up on the agenda of the plenary session.

The mention of 'something meaningful only if it is executed' is interpreted as taking into account the calculation that President Yoon Seok-yeol would not accept the proposal for dismissal of Minister Park by the Democratic Party at the plenary session.

"Yesterday, I visited National Assembly Speaker Kim Jin-pyo and spoke to Democratic Party floor leader Park Hong-geun on the phone," said Joo.

He continued, "It has only been four or five months since Minister Park started working. I think he has played a role in multilateral diplomatic relations such as condolences to Queen Elizabeth II of England and the United Nations General Assembly."

Joo also said, "If the foreign minister, who is acting on behalf of Korea to protect the national interest, is branded of distrust, there are many restrictions on his activities, which will harm the national interest." We will continue,” he added.

Earlier, on the 27th, the Democratic Party adopted a proposal for the dismissal of Minister Park as a party argument and submitted it to the National Assembly to ask for responsibility for President Yoon Seok-yeol's 'travel diplomacy controversy'.

The proposal for the dismissal of the State Council member is the power of the National Assembly as stipulated in Article 63 of the Constitution.

The Democratic Party currently holds 169 seats, allowing single votes.

This is the first time that the opposition party has proposed a proposal for dismissal against the Yoon Seok-yeol government's State Councilor.

Even if a proposal for dismissal is proposed, the president may not accept it.