People's Power Emergency Response Committee Chairman Jeong Jin-seok criticized the Democratic Party, saying, "They are pouring curses and hatred on the president, who has gone ahead with summit diplomacy, beyond random scratches."

In a speech by the representative of a negotiating group at the National Assembly, Chairman Chung said to the Democratic Party, "I completely forgot about the last government diplomatic disaster, which was even assaulted by reporters on my own, and came up with an absurd proposal to dismiss the foreign minister. Irresponsible act of self-harm in the national interest."

"The Democratic Party is holding the ankle of state affairs in every case, wielding the remaining parliamentary power in the last hand," he said.

Chairman Chung said, "The people all remember how harsh the past government was about the mistakes of the Lee Myung-bak and Park Geun-hye governments. The Democratic Party, which used to be like that, is now pushing ahead with 'examination and inspection' and 'thank you' to cover up their corruption. there,” he pointed out.

"They are using all the power of the 169-seat opposition party to stalk the president's first lady at the level of stalking and to bulletproof the judicial process of CEO Lee Jae-myung."

Regarding the Democratic Party's claim that the prosecution's investigation against Lee was 'political oppression', Chairman Jeong said, "There is no case in the Daejang-dong case, the Baekhyeon-dong case, Seongnam FC, payment of attorney's fees, and there is not one case that our party first put out in the first place." These are issues that were raised during the party's internal primary elections."

He continued, "(CEO Lee) said that he did not receive a penny, and that the investigation by the judicial authorities was unfair, then did former President Park Geun-hye receive money and send him to prison? Who could be the exception?” he asked.

"If you try to get the law into politics and try to stop it," she said, "the people will never tolerate it."

Regarding MBC, which was the first to report the controversial video of President Yoon's remarks, Chairman Chung said, "I took the lead in tarnishing the president with fake news and damaging the national interest", "I am reporting disobedience to the national flag", "The basic ethics of the press and It is a deplorable act of abandoning even patriotism.”

He continued, "I hope that it will be clear and clear why he added 'America', which is not in the president's remarks, even with parentheses, and added 'Biden' as a subtitle, which is nowhere to be found no matter how much you listen to it. If they cannot correct their mistakes themselves, they will have to take political and judicial responsibility.”

Chairman Jeong emphasized 'cooperation' in relation to the basin relationship, and demanded that Representative Lee Jae-myung accept the composition of the 'National Assembly Progress Council' proposed by National Assembly Speaker Kim Jin-pyo earlier, while the 'People's Party's People's Livelihood Economy' to discuss the livelihood bill during the regular session of the National Assembly It was proposed to form a 'consultation body'.

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He also mentioned the '100 legislative tasks of the regular National Assembly' selected by the People's Power, and said that we should discuss the handling of non-controversial bills through the People's Livelihood Economic Council of the ruling and opposition parties.

Regarding the Democratic Party's '7 major livelihood bills', however, Chairman Chung said, "Most of the populist bills are populist laws." It was criticized as an 'agricultural death bill' that aggravates overabundance."

Regarding the opposition party's proposal for a summit meeting, Chairman Chung said, "There is no reason why the president and the representatives of the majority of the National Assembly cannot meet at any time."

Chairman Chung also said, "I am sincerely sorry to the people," as if conscious of the ongoing internal redemption of the party after the victory in the local elections. I confess and I apologize."

(Photo = National Assembly Photo Reporters, Yonhap News)