Overseas Network, September 29. According to news from the Jiji News Agency on September 29, the Japanese government stated on the 28th that considering factors such as the relaxation of immigration control policies and the sharp depreciation of the yen, the government set the annual consumption target of tourists visiting Japan as 5 trillion yen.

  In 2019, the annual consumption of tourists visiting Japan reached 4.8 trillion yen (about 239.3 billion yuan), a record high for seven consecutive years.

This number has since declined sharply due to the severe impact of the new crown epidemic.

The Japanese government said on the 28th that Japan will resume free travel for foreign tourists from October 11, "will maximize the advantages of the depreciation of the yen."

  At present, the prices of food, home appliances, gas, and electrical appliances in Japan have risen across the board, coupled with the plummeting yen, which has dealt a heavy blow to Japanese consumers.

The Japanese media "Modern Business" believes that the inbound consumption of foreign tourists at this time will save the Japanese economy that is "mired in the quagmire".

(Overseas Network/Wang Shanning)