In the past ten years, 94.8% of the interviewed youths recognized the power of "Made in China" [94.7% of the interviewed youth confirmed that the "craftsman spirit" of the people around them is infecting them]

  New energy vehicles have entered thousands of households, the "Fuxing" EMU has traveled all over China, the "Striver" has successfully landed in the Mariana Trench, the deepest part of the world, and the "Zhurong" has successfully landed on Mars... Over the past ten years, "China Manufacturing" has made major achievements and breakthroughs one after another.

We are accelerating the transition from "Made in China" to "Created in China".

In this process, "craftsman spirit" plays an important role.

  Last week, a survey of 2,654 young people surveyed by the Social Survey Center of China Youth Daily and showed that over the past ten years, 94.8% of the surveyed young people are more aware of the power of "Made in China". Approved.

94.7% of the interviewed young people felt that the "craftsman spirit" reflected by the people around them had a strong infection on them.

70.2% of the interviewed young people hope to form a good atmosphere of craftsmanship and ingenuity in the whole society.

Feeling the power of "Made in China", 74.5% of the young people surveyed pushed the high-speed rail first and ran out of "China Speed"

  In the 2015 government work report, the implementation of "Made in China 2025" was proposed for the first time, insisting on innovation-driven, intelligent transformation, strengthening foundation, and green development, and accelerating the transition from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power.

In recent years, China has shown accelerated development, and many achievements have made young people realize the power of "Made in China".

  "Today, my country has achieved outstanding results in infrastructure equipment such as excavators, port machines, and shield machines. For example, Chinese machinery giant Zhenhua Heavy Industries occupies 70% of the world's port machinery market and has an absolute advantage. Status. Sany Heavy Industry accounts for 15% of the global excavator market, and its sales are far ahead in the world.” Cao Yinlin, 23, works in the Desheng Sub-district Office in Xicheng District, Beijing.

Talking about "Made in China", Cao Yinlin said, "my country's aerospace technology is advancing by leaps and bounds. The development of Wentian's experimental cabin, from material selection to welding, from hardware equipment to software systems, all reflect the power of "Made in China" .I am very confident that we will accomplish the goal of 'Made in China 2025'."

  Young illustrator Wang Xuetong just received a three-dimensional picture book cooperation about China's space exploration of Mars. "Building a strong aerospace country is our aerospace dream. After in-depth understanding of 'Wentian-1' and 'Zhurong', I I was deeply touched by the scientific research enthusiasm of the Chinese astronauts, and once again felt the strength of the country."

  Jin Xin, a senior student studying in a "985" college, majored in statistics.

She sighed that, from green trains to high-speed trains, the way people travel reflects the rapid development of "Made in China" in the past decade.

"my country's high-speed trains can reach a speed of 400 kilometers per hour. We are already the fastest country in the world for high-speed trains, and we are leading the world to experience what 'China speed' is. I am very proud."

  How to truly feel the power of "Made in China", 74.5% of the surveyed young people firstly promoted high-speed rail, which ran out of "China's speed", followed by mobile payment, which has subverted the previous way of life (71.7%), 71.1% of the surveyed young people They said that they have entered the 5G era and developed the digital economy. 62.4% of the young people surveyed said that it is the sharing of bicycles and online car-hailing to facilitate people's livelihood.

In the past ten years, 94.8% of the young people surveyed have more recognition for the power of "Made in China"

  Cao Yinlin sighed that in the context of epidemic prevention in recent years, China has adhered to the epidemic prevention policy of "preventing imports from abroad and preventing rebound from within", whether it is the development of nucleic acid testing, vaccination, or the production of medical equipment such as masks, ventilators, and oxygen generators. , and the rapid construction of the epidemic prevention cabins all reflect the power of "Made in China".

  Nowadays, in all aspects of life, Cao Yinlin regards domestic products as the first choice. "I think buying domestic products is not only about feelings, but also trust in the quality of domestic products."

  In the past ten years, 94.8% of the surveyed young people have more recognition for the power of "Made in China".

The interactive analysis found that the post-00s (97.5%) had the highest recognition, followed by the post-80s (95.3%) and the post-85s (94.9%).

  Zhao Zhiqun, a professor at the Institute of Vocational and Adult Education of the Faculty of Education of Beijing Normal University, said that the development trend of "Made in China" is very good.

In many areas, we used to produce the lowest-end, cheapest, low-quality products, and now we are moving to the midstream and upstream.

"We are already the No. 1 manufacturing country, but we are still a long way from being a manufacturing power. We are developing very fast, and the quantity and quality are constantly improving and improving. But it is undeniable that there are still many 'stuck necks' that need to be Reform. For example, in the manufacturing sector, the vast majority of industrial software is foreign, and our manufacturing foundation needs to be further consolidated.”

94.7% of the young people surveyed felt that the "craftsman spirit" of the people around them was infecting them

  Wang Xuetong sighed that she was surrounded by people who were very persistent in the study of art, which made her very infected.

"I admire potters, master carvers, they spend their entire lives honing how to present the most perfect work. I respect that attitude."

  "Some statisticians I know, in order to deeply study the relationship behind the numbers and find problems, will track and collect data for many years, put in a lot of energy and endurance, and constantly explore and verify in the data. The data 'truth' goes a step further. Their stories inspire me to work hard to be a 'artisan' in data analysis." Jin Xin said.

  "To do one thing to the extreme", 94.7% of the interviewed young people felt that the "craftsman spirit" reflected by the people around them would bring them a strong infection.

Among them, post-00s (97.2%) are most affected by this.

  Zhao Zhiqun believes that to promote the whole society to advocate and practice the "craftsman spirit", first of all, the media should promote more and strengthen the quality awareness.

Second, we must respect craftsmen and respect technology.

"The thing that makes me feel bad is that the society still lacks enough respect for skilled workers, even if their salary is higher than that of many master's graduates. Therefore, we need to promote these occupations that contribute to society positively, so that everyone is willing to Do these jobs and love them.”

  In terms of institutions, he pointed out that teaching reform is very important.

"Craftsmen need a lot of practical knowledge, and a lot of their knowledge does not come from books, but is passed down, or realized by themselves, and can only be learned and used in practice. This kind of knowledge has a professional term, It is called practical knowledge or tacit knowledge. But now that academic knowledge is elitist in society, the knowledge of craftsmen is not 'high' and has no social status. This is not correct. The school uses the method of academic elite to cultivate craftsmen, It does not conform to the growth law of craftsmen. We must reform the talent training model and focus on growing in the practice of the enterprise.”

  To promote the whole society to uphold and practice the "craftsman spirit", 70.2% of the interviewed young people hope to form a good atmosphere of craftsmanship and ingenuity in the whole society, and 67.4% of the interviewed youth look forward to establishing and spreading the "craftsman" model in all walks of life. 66.1% of the surveyed young people hope that enterprises can integrate the "craftsman spirit" in cultural construction, 63.8% of the surveyed young people believe that they should pay attention to school-enterprise collaboration and strengthen education and training from both the supply and demand sides of talents, and 60.7% of the surveyed young people hope to improve vocational training. mechanism to cultivate a sense of professional identity and achievement.

  Among the young people interviewed, post-00s accounted for 27.0%, post-95s accounted for 21.5%, post-90s accounted for 30.0%, post-85s accounted for 11.1%, and post-80s accounted for 10.4%.

  China Youth Daily, China Youth Daily reporter Du Yuanchun, intern Zhang Jiayue Source: China Youth Daily