In Poland, activists talk about their abortion in the street to defend the right to abortion

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Activists protest against the restriction of the right to use abortion by the Polish government in November 2021 (illustration image).

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Polish feminist associations are fighting for abortion.

On the occasion of the International Day of Abortion Rights, some collectives met in Warsaw.

In a country where abortion is almost illegal in any case, these women wanted to tell their story.


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With our correspondent in Warsaw,

Martin Chabal

In a shopping street in Warsaw, there are about twenty of them telling their story behind the microphone.

They talk about their own abortion, that of a friend or the help they provide to women in need. 

Natalia is a doctor, she had an abortion, and wanted to testify in the middle of the street.

 For me, it's really important that every woman can choose what she does to her own body.

I had an abortion, and it was very stressful.

I wanted to show that every woman could have an abortion in a healthy environment 


For Natalia, it was not easy to recount her experience.

Especially in the middle of the street, in a country hostile to the right to abortion.

But it is a choice of the association.


We need to share these stories to show that an abortion is normal.

We have to share our experiences and our lives, because our lives, that's what you mean here! 

“says Justyna, one of the organizers of the event.

But getting an abortion in Poland has become very complicated.

In 2020, the Constitutional Court banned abortions for malformation of the fetus.

A situation that represented 98% of abortions in Poland.

Abortion has therefore, in fact, almost become illegal. 

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