The proposal for the dismissal of Minister of Foreign Affairs Park Jin initiated by the Democratic Party passed the plenary session of the National Assembly amid fierce opposition from the people.

Minister Park, unwaveringly, said that he had no intention of resigning, saying that he would fulfill his duties.

Correspondent Jang Min-seong.


[Kim Jin-pyo/Chairman of the National Assembly: We declare that it was passed with 168 votes, 1 vice vote, and 1 abstention out of 170 total votes.] While the

ruling party lawmakers left and did not participate in the vote, 168 out of 170 lawmakers in attendance voted in favor. The proposal for the dismissal of Foreign Minister Hae Park-jin passed the plenary session of the National Assembly.

It is the fourth time since the amendment of the Constitution in 1987 that the proposal for the dismissal of the State Council member has been passed.

The Democratic Party defined the controversy over profane remarks during the visit of President Yoon Seok-yeol as a diplomatic disaster and emphasized that the responsibility must be held.

[Wi Seong-gon / Democratic Party's Senior Vice President for Policy: Is it fair and common sense to swear by the president and intimidate the broadcasting station?

The president's abusive language is the president's responsibility...


The power of the people is a slang term The debate was defined as 'manipulation' by the Democratic Party and the media, and the proposal for dismissal was defined as 'an impediment to state affairs'.

At the same time, I plan to respond to the recommendation to resign as the Speaker of the National Assembly in the morning of the 30th. 

[Song Eon-seok/People's Power Senior Vice President: This happened by manipulating subtitles with content that is not certain even if 50 million people have heard it.]

Minister Park issued a statement after the dismissal proposal was approved, stating, "Diplomacy must not become a victim of political strife."

The Democratic Party plans to continue the pressure by demanding not only the dismissal of Minister Park, but also a complete replacement of the diplomatic and security lines and an apology from the president.

However, as President Yoon actually said that he would not accept the proposal for dismissal, the opposition and opposition parties are likely to face a stronger confrontation at the parliamentary audit, which begins next week.