Finland, a northern European country, has banned Russian tourists from entering the country on a tourist visa from the 30th in principle, in response to a significant increase in the number of people fleeing by land after the mobilization of reserve forces in neighboring Russia was announced. .

It seems that the concern about domestic security being threatened was a factor.

Finland, which borders Russia for about 1,300 kilometers, has seen more than 50,000 Russians enter the country by land in a week since President Putin announced a partial mobilization of the reserve force on the 21st, double the previous week. increased nearby.

Many of them are men and their families who are trying to escape the mobilization.

Regarding these moves, the Finnish government said on the 29th, "It puts Finland's international position at risk," and basically banned Russians from entering the country with tourist visas from 0:00 am on the 30th, 6:00 am Japan time. Did.

According to the people involved, the background was that there was concern that domestic security would be threatened.

Foreign Minister Harvist said, "The aim is to completely prevent Russians from entering the country for tourism purposes and from going to other countries via Finland." I will continue to accept entry for the reason.

In Europe, Poland and the three Baltic countries bordering Russia have also banned Russians from entering the country for tourism purposes this month.