On September 28, local time, the 21st batch of Chinese peacekeeping troops to Lebanon passed the first UN equipment inspection during the mission period with high standards.

This equipment inspection is the first time that China's 21st batch of peacekeeping troops to Lebanon has been inspected by the United Nations since it officially began to perform duties in August this year.

  Equipment verification is a verification and assessment of whether the equipment and facilities provided by each troop-contributing country meet the requirements of the United Nations in accordance with the requirements of the Memorandum of Understanding signed by the United Nations and each troop-contributing country.

The verification results will serve as the basic basis for the UN to make financial compensation for the peacekeeping facilities and equipment of the troop-contributing countries.

  Since the deployment of the mission area in August, Chinese peacekeepers have obtained the United Nations two qualifications for mine clearance and explosive removal in the shortest time. They have cleared more than 100 mines, completed the construction tasks of the UNIFIL Command with high standards, and provided medical assistance to more than 500 person-times. Highly praised by Lebanese troops and local residents.

(Headquarters reporter Ci Xiaoning)