China News Agency, Beijing, September 29 (Ma Shuisha) The Chinese space station will complete its on-orbit construction this year, and will welcome more astronauts to "occupy" in the future.

Yang Yuguang, vice chairman of the International Astronautical Union Space Transportation Committee, said in an exclusive interview with China News Agency "China Focus Face-to-Face" recently that after the completion of the space station, it is expected to see the third batch of Chinese astronauts. is a high probability event.

  Yang Yuguang said that the China Space Station will be an important platform for international cooperation in spaceflight after its completion.

At present, 9 projects from 17 countries and 23 entities have become the first batch of selected projects for the China Space Station Science Experiment, and they are expected to be delivered to the space station by the end of the year at the earliest.

  He introduced that foreign astronauts have expressed their desire to go to the Chinese space station on social media. In the future, foreign astronauts will take a Shenzhou spacecraft to visit the Chinese space station, which is a high probability event.

From a technical point of view, there is also the possibility of foreign spacecraft visiting.

These different levels of international cooperation are an important part of China's transformation from a space power to a space power.

  It is understood that astronauts can be divided into space pilots, space flight engineers and load experts.

Talking about when space flight engineers and payload experts can enter the Chinese space station, Yang Yuguang said that among the third batch of Chinese astronauts who are currently undergoing training, in addition to professional pilots, there are also astronauts from engineers and scientists who can work on the space station. Carry out more extensive and in-depth scientific experiments, I believe that after the completion of the space station, these astronauts will be able to be seen.

  Yang Yuguang further pointed out that the possibility of foreign scientists and engineers visiting the Chinese space station is very high in the future, and such examples are very common abroad.

The sky-earth shuttle generally requires two people to have the ability to drive to ensure flight safety. Therefore, the commander is usually selected from the pilots, and the other crew members can be selected from the scientific researchers to carry out research in the fields of biology and physics. It is believed that In the future, the Chinese space station will also see scenes of Chinese and foreign astronauts carrying out scientific experiments together.