Regarding the proposed dismissal of Foreign Minister Park Jin, President Yoon Seok-yeol said, "I think the people will know for themselves which is right and which is wrong."

When asked about his thoughts on submitting a proposal for dismissal of Minister Park on the way to the presidential office in Yongsan on the morning of the 29th, President Yoon said, "Minister of Foreign Affairs Park Jin is a man of outstanding ability. He is a person who moves around the world for the sake of it,” he said.

President Yoon headed to the Oval Office without answering a question about whether he would be sorry for the controversy related to the profanity remarks caught on camera during a tour of the United States last week.

Earlier, on the 27th, the Democratic Party submitted a proposal for the dismissal of Minister of Foreign Affairs Park Jin in the name of all 169 members of the House of Representatives, saying that President Yoon's diplomacy tour had no results and ended in a diplomatic disaster.

According to the Constitution, the proposal for the dismissal of a member of the State Council is decided by the motion of one-third (100) of the current members and a majority (150) in favor.

However, it has not yet been decided whether or not National Assembly Speaker Kim Jin-pyo will present the proposal for dismissal to the plenary session.

(Composition: Jeong Yun-sik / Video coverage: the main culprit / Editing: Kim Bok-hyung / Production: D Content Planning Department)