▲ 'Suspicious smile' caught in the relay camera

Recently, a spectator's 'suspicious smile' caught on an American baseball broadcast camera is attracting attention as it frightens viewers.

On the 26th local time, the match between the New York Mets and the Oakland Athletics was held at the Oakland Coliseum, California, USA. 

As usual, the camera, which was watching the spectators while broadcasting a baseball game, stops in front of a spectator.   

The spectator, who caught the camera, is wearing a fluorescent shirt with the word 'SMILE' written on it and looking into the air with a 'suspicious smile'.

The scene drew the attention of viewers who were watching the game again, and netizens shared the scene through online communities and social media, pouring out speculations about their identity. 

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However, this 'suspicious smile' was not only captured in that match.

At the match between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees, and the St. Louis Cardinals and Los Angeles Dodgers game that was held on that day, spectators with suspicious smiles were also caught.

All of them had a 'suspicious smile' in the air regardless of the content of the match, and even maintained their smile as if they had hardened throughout the game. 

Local netizens, who felt eerie at the 'suspicious smile' seen in various games, wondered, "What are these people's identities?" and "What will happen?" 

It turned out that these were actors who appeared in the audience to promote the movie 'Smile'.

The movie 'Smile', which they want to promote, has 'a bizarre smile' as an important theme of the movie, so this event was created.  

When this fact was revealed, local netizens responded, "This is the most terrifying publicity in the world," "a home run in publicity effect," and "I couldn't even see baseball the moment it appeared on the broadcast screen." 

(Photo=@SNYtv, @MontegaDubb Twitter)