Let's continue to talk about North Korea with Ahn Jung-sik, a reporter specializing in North Korea.

Q. 'Kim Jong-eun Diet Failed' NIS Confirmation?

[Ahn Jung-sik/Reporter Ahn Jung-sik / Reporter North Korea: General Secretary Kim Jong-un lost about 20 kg on a diet last year, but recently returned to his old weight due to the yo-yo phenomenon.

Let's hear it for yourself.

[Yoo Sang-beom / National Assembly Intelligence Committee Secretary (People's Power): (General Secretary Kim Jong-eun) lost a lot of weight, but recently it was confirmed that he returned to the past 130 kg and 140 kg. There are no signs.]

In fact, if you look at Kim Jong-un's recent appearance, you can see that he has gained weight overall.

Actually, I don't know for a skinny person like me, but it is difficult to lose weight, but it is also difficult to maintain the weight that has been lost, but Kim Jong

-un seems to have failed on a diet.

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[Ahn Jung-sik / Reporter Ahn Jung-sik / Reporter specializing in North Korea: There are people who think that Kim Jong-un is just interested in gaining weight, but it is absolutely not.

There are several important variables in our prospects for the future of North Korea.

There are many variables, such as what will happen to the North Korean nuclear issue, what will be the economic difficulties, whether there is a possibility of an internal coup d'état.

No matter how difficult the North Korean economy is, it is not easy for the country to collapse.

North Korea is a country where a coup d'état is unlikely to happen because the party organization thoroughly controls the military down to the lower level.

The North Korean nuclear problem is serious, of course, but it is likely that the current situation will continue similar to the balance of fear because it is difficult for South Korea or North Korea to go to war with each other.

Then, what is the biggest variable in the change of the North Korean regime is the health problem of the supreme leader.

If the supreme leader suddenly collapses or loses control, it could be the most important change for the future of the North Korean system.

Therefore, Kim Jong-un's health is an issue that needs to be closely monitored in relation to the future of the Korean Peninsula.]

Q. What is Kim Jong-un's health abnormality?

[Ahn Jung-sik / Reporter Ahn Jung-sik / Reporter specializing in North Korea: It seems that there is no major health problem right now, such as digesting long speeches at various meetings recently.

By the way, even if you look at the announcement of the National Intelligence Service, isn't it that your weight is now 140kg?

Kim Jong-un was born in 1984, so he is 38 this year.

He is 38 years old, so he is still young, but when he is in his 40s, adult diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes cannot keep up.

It seems that Kim Jong-un was also conscious of this and was trying to lose weight, but in the end, the diet failed, so he seems to have to keep an eye on how he will manage his health in the future.]