Supreme Court

confirms the

condemnations of the

encore appeal for

Salvatore Buzzi


Massimo Carminati

and the penalties for the two protagonists of the "

Middle World"

become final.

The sentence for Buzzi is

12 years and 10 months in prison

, while Carminati is sentenced to

10 years


In October 2019, a sentence of the Supreme Court had brought down the accusations of mafia association against all the defendants in the proceeding.


We believe it to be an unjust sentence and the sanctioning treatment reserved for Salvatore Buzzi is excessive. Probably the severity of the sentence determined by the Court of Appeal in the rescission judgment and confirmed today by the Cassation appears to have a direct function to rebalance the previous sentence with which the accusation of mafia was canceled, an erroneous charge in which Buzzi had no guilt. A sentence that does not reconcile with the current orientation set out by the Cartabia reform aimed at the recovery of people beyond the prison system


This was stated by the lawyer

Piergerardo Santoro

defender, together with his colleague

Alessandro Diddi

, of Salvatore Buzzi.