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The Embassy of the United States in Russia has asked its citizens to leave "immediately" this country due to the

war in Ukraine

, according to a statement published on the website of the diplomatic legation.

"United States citizens should not travel to Russia and those residing in or traveling (now) to Russia should leave the country immediately while there are limited business travel options," the note said.



has already opened a mobilization center at the Verjni Lars border crossing in North Ossetia, the only one between that country and Georgia, and has begun issuing summonses to men on a list to be sent to fight in the

war in Ukraine

, according to the TASS agency today.

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Spain does not recognize "the fictitious results" of the Russian annexation referendum "drills"

The government has expressed its condemnation on Wednesday of the independence referendums organized by the Russian authorities in occupied Ukrainian regions and has made it clear that

it does not give any legitimacy

to the "fictitious results" announced by Russia.

"Spain strongly condemns the illegal mock voting organized in Ukraine," said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, referring to the referendums organized in the

Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson and Zaporizhia

regions , under Russian control.

The Government has stressed that "it does not grant any credibility or legitimacy to the fictitious results announced by the occupation forces" and has expressed its

categorical rejection

of "any action or decision that may be taken by the Russian authorities aimed at the illegal annexation of said territories ".

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Frontex registers a strong increase in entries of Russian citizens into the EU

The European Border and Coast Guard Agency (


) has reported today of a weekly increase of 30% in the entry of Russians into the territory of the community bloc, presumably attributable to the partial mobilization ordered by Moscow.

According to the agency's data, 66,000 Russian nationals arrived in the EU last week, most of them through the border crossings of Finland and Estonia.

Especially significant is the case of Finland, a country to which 30,000 citizens of the Russian Federation have arrived in the last four days.

The Frontex document indicates that, since the war in Ukraine began, more than 1,303,000 people with Russian passports have entered the EU by land transport, of which 1,273,000 returned to their country.

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Russia will stop issuing passports to mobilized reservists

Russia will stop issuing passports to those

mobilized by the army

, the government information portal reported on Wednesday as tens of thousands of people have already fled abroad.

"If a citizen has already been called up for military service or has received a summons (for mobilization or conscription), he will be denied an international passport," says the information portal.

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Opposition leader in Belarus insists pitting her army against Ukraine would be "political suicide"

Belarusian opposition leader in exile Svetlana Tikhanovskaya warned President Alexander Lukashenko on Wednesday that committing his army to supporting Russia in


would be "political suicide" and has said she fears the use of nuclear weapons from the start. territory of your country.

Thus, he describes as "farce" Moscow's annexationist "referendums" in four occupied Ukrainian regions, whose objective is to present the Russians with "a victory" when "the Kremlin's blitzkrieg has failed."

Everyone has seen that the Kremlin army is not as powerful as they say, the king is naked, no normal country will recognize these votes," he said on the sidelines of the British Labor Party conference in Liverpool, in the north-west of the country.

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The United States asks its citizens to leave Russia "immediately"

The Embassy of the United States in Russia has asked its citizens to leave this country "immediately", according to a statement published on the website of the diplomatic legation.

"United States citizens should not travel to Russia and those residing in or traveling (now) to Russia should leave the country immediately while there are limited business travel options," the note said.

The statement recalls that on September 21 the Russian authorities declared a partial military mobilization to reinforce their forces deployed in Ukraine.

"Russia could refuse to recognize the US citizenship of dual nationals, prevent them from accessing US consular assistance, prohibit their departure from Russia, and call up dual passport holders," the statement said.

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Kremlin says it's 'stupid and absurd' to blame Russia for Nord Stream pipeline leaks

The Kremlin on Wednesday described as "stupid and absurd" to accuse Russia of being behind the leaks detected in the Nord Stream gas pipelines caused by explosions under the sea.

"It was quite predictable" that some would blame Russia, Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov said.

"Predictable, stupid and absurd," he added, assuring that the leaks from the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines are "problematic" for Moscow because the Russian gas that escapes "costs a lot of money."

Both infrastructures were damaged by underwater explosions off a Danish island in the Baltic Sea, causing a major boil.

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Denmark assures that for "one or two weeks" the damaged pipes of Nord Stream will not be able to be inspected

Inspection of the two

Nord Stream

gas pipelines deliberately damaged by underwater explosions off a Danish island in the Baltic Sea will not be possible for another week or two, the Danish defense minister said on Wednesday.

Due to the extensive boiling caused by the three gas leaks, "it can easily take a week or two before the area is quiet enough to see what has happened," Morten Bødskov told Danish media on the sidelines. of a meeting with the Secretary General of NATO in Brussels.

"It's a very big explosion that has happened, so it will be a while before we can go down," the minister said of the pipes, which are about 80 meters deep.

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Georgia joins the countries that condemn the pro-Russian referendums in Ukraine

The Georgian Foreign Ministry today condemned the illegal referendums held by Russia in the Ukrainian regions of Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson and Zaporizhia.

"This is an inadmissible attempt to annex Ukraine's territories," Georgian diplomacy said in a statement posted on Twitter.

According to Tbilisi, "Georgia firmly supports the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine."

The referendums in the Ukrainian regions occupied by Russia were extended for five days for security reasons and passed without a ceasefire in between, so the fighting continued between the Ukrainian Army, the Russian troops and their allies, the separatist militias.

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Ukraine asks to condemn the "pseudo referendums" and increase the isolation of Russia

The Ukrainian government today called on the international community to condemn the pre-


in the temporarily occupied Ukrainian territories, which it described as "yet another crime", and to increase isolation and pressure on Russia and support for Ukraine.

"Ukraine calls on all states and international organizations to immediately condemn the illegal actions of the Kremlin in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine and to increase the isolation of Russia," the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

At the same time, he calls on the EU, NATO and the G7 "to immediately and significantly increase pressure on Russia", including with "new and tough sanctions", as well as military aid to Ukraine.

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Military preparation of Russian reservists begins before going to war in Ukraine

The Russian Ministry of Defense


announced the official start of the

preparation of reservists

in several Russian regions called up after the partial mobilization decreed by Russian President Vladimir Putin to participate in the

war in Ukraine


"All the mobilized soldiers carry out shooting practices with light weapons. In addition, the citizens called from the reserves reinforce their knowledge of exploitation and service of weapons and military and special equipment," Defense said in a statement.

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Russian attacks cause a major power outage in the Ukrainian city of Kharkov

Several Russian attacks caused a major power outage in the Ukrainian city of Kharkov (northeast), as regional governor Oleg Sinegubov announced on Wednesday morning.

According to Sinegubov, the Russian army used "S-300 missiles", a surface-to-air weapon system regularly used by Moscow troops against Ukrainian infrastructure, without great precision.

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Russia has already installed a mobilization center on the border with Georgia


has already opened a mobilization center at the Verjni Lars border crossing in North Ossetia, the only one between that country and Georgia, and has begun issuing summonses to men on a list to be sent to fight in the

war in Ukraine

, the TASS agency reports today.

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The Polish Army will offer military training to civilians who request it

The Polish Army will give


and survival training sessions from next Saturday to civilians between 18 and 65 years of age who request it.

The training will last a single day and will include notions of shooting and handling weapons, self-defense, survival and orientation.

Any male of Polish nationality will be able to access these courses at the facilities of the 17 Polish military commands, in which they are taught to light a fire with sticks, purify water, provide first aid or orient themselves by the sun or the stars.

According to a statement from the Polish Ministry of Defense, those who decide to register will receive food and will be insured against possible accidents.

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Nord Stream says it is mobilizing all resources to assess pipeline damage

The operator of the

Nord Stream

gas pipeline indicated today that everything suggests that "physical damage" has occurred in the Baltic Sea in the energy infrastructure, and assured that it has begun to mobilize all the necessary resources to study the causes of the incident.

"The significant drop in pressure caused by the gas leak in both threads of the Nord Stream gas pipeline recorded on Monday, leads to a strong assumption that physical damage has been caused," Nord Stream AG said in a statement, with headquarters in Switzerland.

The gas pipeline operator assured that "the mobilization of all necessary resources to assess the damage has begun in cooperation with the relevant local authorities" in Denmark and Sweden.

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The Pope assures that he is informed "of the terrible things" that happen in the war in Ukraine

The pope has once again asked for prayers for the "martyred"


, "which is suffering so much", and explained that the Polish Cardinal Konrad Krajewski has informed him on his return from the country "of the terrible things" that are happening there.

"My thoughts go to the martyred Ukraine, which is suffering so much, and to that poor people so cruelly beaten," he said in a new message of support at the end of the general audience held in St. Peter's Square.

Francis explained that this morning he was able to speak with the pontifical almoner, the person in charge of the pope's charitable works, Cardinal Krajewski, who has just arrived from his fourth trip to Ukraine to bring essential goods.

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Turkey to give up Russian Mir payment system

The three state banks in Turkey that allowed the Russian Mir payment system will abandon it after warnings from the United States, a senior Turkish official told AFP on Wednesday.

"There are ongoing payments, but a future date has been set" for the suspension of the Mir system, the source told AFP on condition of anonymity and without specifying a date.

All three state-owned banks - HalkBank, Ziraat and Vakifbank - have so far allowed Mir card transactions.

Two of the country's largest private banks, Denizbank and Isbank, had already announced last week that they were suspending the use of the Mir payment system.

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Pro-Russians claim that between 87% and 99% of voters supported annexation to Russia in the referendums

Between 87.05 and 99.23% of voters in the so-called referendums in the territories controlled by Russian forces in eastern and southern Ukraine supported the annexation to Russia, according to the results released this Wednesday by the pro-Russian authorities with one hundred percent of the ballots counted.

In the self-proclaimed republic of Donetsk, 99.23% of voters supported joining Russia and participation was 97.51% of the census, according to data from the local electoral commission cited by the Interfax agency.

Support for annexation was slightly lower in the also self-proclaimed republic of Lugansk, where 98.42% were in favor of this option and the turnout was 94.15%, announced the local electoral authorities, who never revealed how he drew up the census in the midst of the Russian war intervention.

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Norway strengthens security around its oil facilities


, currently the main supplier of gas in Europe, will reinforce security around its oil facilities, as announced after the alleged "sabotage" of the Nord Stream gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea.

"The government decided to implement measures to increase the safety of infrastructure, shore terminals and facilities on the Norwegian continental shelf," Energy Minister Terje Aasland said in a statement Tuesday night.

This announcement comes after mysterious leaks preceded by explosions that affected the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines and after recent drone observations around the Nordic oil platforms.

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Ucrania pide un aumento "significativo" de la ayuda militar de Occidente tras los referendos de anexión

La diplomacia de Ucrania ha pedido este miércoles un alza significativa de la ayuda militar occidental, tras los votos de anexión organizados por Rusia en cuatro regiones ucranianas, que fueron denunciados por la comunidad internacional.

"Ucrania llama a la UE, la OTAN y el G7 a aumentar de forma inmediata y significativa la presión sobre Rusia, específicamente imponiendo nuevas sanciones que sea duras, y aumentando significativamente la ayuda militar para Ucrania", ha dicho el ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores en un comunicado.

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La UE considera que las fugas de Nord Stream son "actos deliberados", según Borrell

La Unión Europea considera que las fugas de los dos gasoductos que unen Rusia con Alemania no son una "coincidencia" y que hay indicios de que fueron un "acto deliberado", afirmó este miércoles el jefe de la diplomacia europea, Josep Borrell.

"Cualquier interrupción deliberada de las infraestructuras energéticas europeas es absolutamente inaceptable y va a enfrentarse a una respuesta robusta y unida", advirtió en un comunicado.

El alto funcionario instó a que haya una investigación y afirmó que "toda la información que está disponible indica que estas fugas son el resultado de un acto deliberado".

"Vamos a tomar medidas adicionales para aumentar nuestra resiliencia en materia de seguridad energética", añade.

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La UE critica los "resultados falsificados" de los referendos de anexión organizados por Rusia en Ucrania

El jefe de la diplomacia europea, Josep Borrell, ha criticado este miércoles los referendos de anexión organizados por Rusia en cuatro regiones ucranianas, calificando las votaciones como "ilegales" y los resultados como "falsificados".

"La UE denuncia la celebración de 'referendos' ilegales y sus resultados falsificados", ha dicho Borrell en Twitter.

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Así fueron las dos explosiones "inexplicables" que hacen sospechar de un ataque intencionado en los gasoductos Nord Stream 1 y 2

Sabotaje. Esa es la tesis que se impone ante las tres extrañas fugas que en espacio de unas horas se han producido en los gaseoductos Nord Stream 1 y Nord Stream 2 que transcurren a través del mar Báltico entre Rusia y Alemania. Salvo la Comisión Europea, que se niega a especular sobre el origen de esas fugas por carecer de la información necesaria, todo apunta a que se trató de una acción deliberada. Los sismólogos han aportado una prueba.

Lee la información completa de Carmen Valero en EL MUNDO.

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Meloni asegura apoyo leal a Zelenski tras recibir una felicitación por su triunfo

La líder de Hermanos de Italia, Giorgia Meloni, que será la encargada de formar Gobierno tras su victoria en las elecciones del pasado domingo, ha asegurado su apoyo leal "a la causa de la libertad del pueblo ucraniano" en respuesta a un mensaje del presidente de Ucrania, Volodímir Zelenski, por su triunfo.

"Querido Zelenski, sabe que puede contar con nuestro leal apoyo a la causa de la libertad del pueblo ucraniano". Sea fuerte y manténga firme su fe!", escribió anoche la líder ultraderechista en Twitter respondiendo en Twitter a la felicitación del presidente ucraniano.

Zelenski había escrito en la red social algunos minutos antes: "Felicitaciones a Giorgia Meloni y a su partido por ganar las elecciones. Agradecemos el continuo apoyo de Italia a Ucrania en la lucha contra la agresión rusa. Contamos con una fructífera colaboración con el nuevo gobierno italiano".

Meloni siempre ha garantizado su apoyo a Ucrania respecto a la agresión rusa, así como las sanciones aprobadas por la Unión Europea contra Rusia y aseguró que lo seguiría haciendo si ganaba las elecciones.

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Ucrania desmantela el legado de la URSS: el metro de estatua de Lenin se paga a 18 euros

El fundador del recinto de Framushika-Nova, Alexander Palariev, se inspiró en el museo lituano de Grutas Park para recrear ese espacio en su país. Fue el propio embajador del país báltico quien le invitó a visitar el enclave en 2011 y le enseñó como una ciénaga -eso era inicialmente- podía reconvertirse en un destino turístico gracias a la singular inventiva de su creador, que decidió acumular bustos y estatuas de Lenin, y todos los fundadores de la Unión Soviética.

Lee la información completa de Javier Espinosa en EL MUNDO.

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Zelenski anuncia que no negociará con Rusia tras los referendos de anexión


cannot negotiate with Russia after the organization of annexation "referendums" in four Ukrainian regions that already announced on Tuesday night that the "yes" vote had won with a large majority.

This has been assured by the Ukrainian president, Volodimir Zelenski, to the UN, when more than seven months have passed since the

war in Ukraine began.

"Russia's recognition of pseudo-referendums as 'normal', the application of the same plan as in Crimea, is a new attempt to annex a part of Ukrainian territory, which means that we will not negotiate with the current Russian president," he said. Zelensky in a recorded video released during a UN Security Council meeting.

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