• Rupture Tamara Falcó: "I see it impossible to return with Íñigo, for the horns I am very square"

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Tamara Falcó starred this Tuesday in one of the

media moments of the year

by offering some long-awaited statements (first in

Save me

and then in the


of the eighth anniversary event of Kronos Homes, a company of which she is the image), about

everything that has happened

in the last days between her and her now ex, Íñigo Onieva.

In addition to assuring that there is no possibility of reconciliation with the one who has been her partner for the last two years - "

for the hell of it I am very square",

she said - she thanked the Telecinco program for

"the investigative work

because if not I would never have known."

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A night with Íñigo Onieva at Lula Club

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A night with Íñigo Onieva at Lula Club


What does Íñigo Onieva, Tamara Falcó's ex-fiancé, do for a living and what does he do?


What does Íñigo Onieva, Tamara Falcó's ex-fiancé, do for a living and what does he do?


analysis of the figure of the young man

that has continued this Wednesday and that has focused, not on his infidelities, but on another type of suspicion: those related to his curriculum.

And it seems that, and always according to the Telecinco program, the jobs that appear in Onieva's job profile would not be entirely true.

He would not have been

artistic director

of Wow Concept (a modern department store opened last March on Gran Vía) nor

director of business development

at Mabel Hospitality (a company belonging to Mabel Capital, owners of the famous Tatel restaurants) as Say it on your resume.

He does go, a witness tells

Save me

, regularly, but "there is no trace of his work" in this business.

But perhaps one of the most striking falsehoods would be

the one related to Lula Club,

the nightclub of which he presents himself as a partner and creative director and of which he would not be, they say,

neither one nor the other.

"He does not have any money invested in any venue at night. It is just public relations, and he has a salary," says the witness with whom they have spoken on the Telecinco program.

Because, according to


, the only

owners of the successful

place are Ramón Matoses and Ignacio Fernández Fuentes.

Onieva would not appear in the Official Gazette of the Mercantile Registry neither as owner nor with any other position.

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