A gas leak in the Baltic Sea natural gas pipeline linking Russia and Germany has caused a growing sense of caution in Europe, as there is a growing view that sabotage may have been the cause.

The Danish military announced on the 27th that gas leaks were confirmed at three locations on the Nord Stream, a natural gas pipeline that connects Russia and Germany via the bottom of the Baltic Sea. was caused by an explosion and was a deliberate act."

In addition, High Representative Borrell, who is the foreign minister of the EU = European Union, also expressed the view that it was an "intentional act", and Germany's Defense Minister Lambrecht also said in a statement that it was "suspected of sabotage" and cooperated with the Danish investigation. There is a growing view that sabotage may be the cause, such as showing a posture.

In addition, the influential German magazine Der Spiegel reports that the US CIA = Central Intelligence Agency warned the German government in advance that the pipeline could be attacked, and Russia, which is in conflict with Europe over the situation in Ukraine Some media outlets point out the possibility that

In response, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov dismissed the allegations as "extremely ridiculous" and said Russia would need to participate in the investigation.

On the European side, a sense of caution is spreading over the damage to critical submarine infrastructure.

Urgent meeting of the UN Security Council at the request of Russia

France, the chairman of the United Nations Security Council this month, will hold an emergency meeting on the 30th of this month at the request of Russia to discuss the response to the gas leak at the Nord Stream natural gas pipeline. clarified.

Russia's Deputy Ambassador to the United Nations Polyansky also posted on Twitter that he had requested an emergency meeting of the Security Council on sabotage against Nord Stream.