Amidst widespread confusion and backlash following the partial mobilization of reserves in Russia, one of Putin's closest aides and the mayor of Moscow, Sobyanin, said on the 28th that a mistake had been made in the process of proceeding with the mobilization. and withdrew the call to some persons.

Mayor Sobyanin said on his website that he had "considered and re-examined complaints from citizens and withdrew the summons issued based on inaccurate or misleading records." It explains that it has opened a telephone window to respond to complaints.

Regarding the mobilization, it is reported that even those who are not eligible, such as the elderly and students, are being called, and while protests are taking place in various places, Mayor Sobyanin seems to have the aim of suppressing the opposition of citizens.

However, the former Russian national football player was also called up, and his father wrote on social media, "My son has never served in the military, and even at the age of 37, it's a contradiction. Even if it's a full mobilization, the president will only partially mobilize." It is a mobilization. Everything should comply with the law."