In 2018, a man died and two others were injured in an apartment in Mitry-Mory (Seine-et-Marne) because of a boiler that had never been maintained.

On September 19, the court was to judge the responsibility of the parties involved in this case;


La Marne

on Tuesday.

The trio, two Spaniards and a Portuguese, were staying in this apartment lent by a friend to the boss of two of them.

The investigation established that a boiler had been installed in the kitchen in September 2022, by a former occupant.

But no verification of compliance and its compatibility with controlled mechanical ventilation (VMC) would have been carried out.

No maintenance

An expert had discovered that no maintenance had been carried out on the boiler, nor on the evacuation or ventilation ducts.

There were also no smoke detectors.

The real estate company to which the apartment belonged was finally found guilty and sentenced to two fines: 10,000 euros, half of which was suspended, for manslaughter, and 10,000 euros for the unintentional injuries caused to the two men.

A reference on civil interests was pronounced on December 12, 2023 to fix the damages.


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