Solo per Due (Only for two, in Italian): as its name suggests, this establishment is, according to its owner, the smallest restaurant in the world.

Located in Vacone, 70 kilometers from Rome (Italy), it has only one table… for two, reports Bloomberg.

Suffice to say that it is imperative to do it well in advance to book!

This does not discourage couples, many of whom come to eat at Solo per Due to declare their love, rekindle the flame, or, of course, to ask for marriage.

500 euros, wine and dessert included

Solo per Due welcomes guests in a 19th century house, with typical Rococo decoration.

Couples can enjoy an aperitif by the fire, in large red leather armchairs, before being seated in the dining room.

The restaurant offers a four-course course, with wine and dessert served on a bed of rose petals…

Seafood is the house specialty, but the cook takes food preferences into account.

Of course, all this luxury has a price: 500 euros.

It is also possible to request (paying) options, such as a personalized music playlist or even… fireworks.


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