• The ban on overtaking for heavy goods vehicles, which already exists on very small portions, will be tested on the western and northern part of the ring road.

  • A differentiated toll for heavy goods vehicles, to encourage them to use the ring road outside peak hours, will be put to consultation.

  • Buses will also be able to use the emergency lane, between the Matmut stadium and Villenave d'Ornon.

  • The idea of ​​a study for a bypass of the ring road has also been revived.

The dual three-lane upgrade of the Bordeaux ring road will be completed in June 2023, i.e.… fifteen years (and 268 million euros) after the first pickaxe.

Christophe Noël du Payrat, secretary general of the prefecture, recalled on Tuesday how much the subject of the development of the bypass should be considered in the long term, at the time of drawing up the first lines of thought from the working group. set up a year ago to improve mobility on this 45 km long traffic axis.

The prefecture of #Gironde and #Bordeaux Métropole draw up this Tuesday morning a first assessment of the working group on the Bordeaux ring road created a year ago #traffic #mobility

– 20minutesbordeaux (@20minutesbord) September 27, 2022

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"We won't have a 'great evening' for mobility in Bordeaux, no magic wand that will settle this question" warns the Secretary General from the outset.

But "progress" came out of the working group, which mixed elected officials from the metropolis and prefecture.

Progress which essentially concerns the movement of heavy goods vehicles, in particular foreign heavy goods vehicles in transit, even if they represent only 8% of traffic.

"Heavy goods vehicles represent a total of 15% of traffic on the eastern part of the ring road, and 8% on the western part" recalls the prefecture.

Heavyweights in the sights

A ban on overtaking for heavy goods vehicles will be tested for a year, from the beginning of 2023. “There is sometimes a misunderstanding among users, specifies Christophe Noël du Payrat, who believe that this ban on overtaking already exists. , while it is only implemented on very small portions, such as the descent of Bouliac.

There, we want to extend it to the entire western and northern part of the ring road, between interchanges 1 and 15.”

A "tariff modulation", that is to say a toll tariff - at the level of the A63 - different for heavy goods vehicles, is also on the table.

“It will take a lot of consultation” however warns the president of the metropolis Alain Anziani, indicating that the carriers “are not in favor of it.


“The tolls would be higher for heavy goods vehicles, to dissuade them from arriving in mainland France at peak times, and more incentives at off-peak times,” specifies François Duquesne, director of Dira (Interdepartmental Directorate of Atlantic Roads).

However, the rate increase will be limited to a maximum of 30%.

"We would have a few hundred fewer trucks at peak times, knowing that a heavy goods vehicle takes up more space than a car..." estimates François Duquesne.

On the other hand, there will be no follow-up to the project of "storage" of heavy goods vehicles near the ring road during rush hour.

"This would have very serious effects on the neighboring territories of the ring road, and would pose problems of accordion on the traffic when these heavy goods vehicles are released" explains the secretary general of the prefecture.

Bus and carpooling

The question of running buses on the ring road has also advanced.

After an initial experiment between interchanges 12 and 13, "we can consider extending the use of this emergency lane over a wider portion, between interchange 4a at the Matmut stadium and 19 at Villenave d' Ornon, i.e. two thirds of the ring road” announces the secretary general of the prefecture.

“Nevertheless, this will require a number of works that will last two years, and in the order of 20 million euros.

The speed of these buses would be limited to 70 km/h.

Carpooling is also “an important avenue for improving mobility.

A project to reserve the left lane for carpooling on the A10, between Saint-André-de-Cubzac and the northern entrance to Bordeaux, is thus on the table.

"We have an average of 1.1 passengers per vehicle, it's a very low level, we have to manage to exceed this cursor a little to melt the corks," explains Christophe Noël du Payrat.

The idea is therefore to give a bonus, in terms of travel time and route safety, to carpoolers, by using the left lane for this.

This poses questions of control, it will take between three and five years to put it in place, but it is a very important track.

A reflection is also underway for the A62 between La Brède and the ring road, and the A63.

The idea of ​​bypassing the ring road relaunched

If these measures concern the short term, the long term has also been mentioned.

It will thus be necessary to "determine under what conditions we can cross the A63 between Bordeaux and Salles in 2x3 lanes, a file that the State reactivated about a year and a half ago" indicates the prefecture.

“The government decided to put this subject to public consultation in January 2023, with two scenarios: one with toll, the other without.


The idea of ​​a road bypass of the metropolis of Bordeaux also returned to the debates.

"I am not opposed to a roadblock between Langon and Mussidan (Dordogne)", indicated Alain Anziani.

“We must close the idea of ​​a large bypass as we imagined twenty years ago, but this bar seems to me a good idea.

For LREM deputy Thomas Cazenave, it is "the question of the development of our territory" for the next few years that stands before elected officials.

For this, “we must ask the question of a study for a deviation of heavy goods vehicles.



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