The vital prognosis of a 20-year-old man was engaged, in particular because of a major wound in the neck, when, on the night of Monday to Tuesday, he was rescued in the city center of Toulouse.

But "his condition is improving," said a police source on Tuesday afternoon.

Arriving at the scene around 1:30 am, the canine brigade, alerted by a witness, found two other injured people, with multiple cuts and injuries, one 27 years old, the other 22 years old.

The latter, cut by hand, was presented as the aggressor by the protagonists.

This homeless man, like the other two injured, would have hit them with shards of bottles but also with the bag full of cans he was carrying.

The suspect was taken into custody after being taken to hospital.

The investigation will have to determine the reasons for this violent brawl.

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