On Monday, it was announced that 14 nurses are resigning from the cardiologist at Sundsvall hospital.

That is a large part of the total strength of 42.5 posts.

Chief physician Elli Masoe is both concerned about the care and saddened by losing colleagues who have become good friends.

She gives a picture of a department that has struggled against the odds and has been heavily burdened for a long time.

- We have had an occupancy rate of 197 percent.

The cardiologist in Sundvall is one of the most overworked departments nationally.

Loss of faith in the future

Those who are now resigning are, according to Elli, "incredibly stoic nurses" with long experience.

- The fact that they are now resigning really means something.

It is a loss of the feeling that it will ever get better.

The situation is serious, admits acting director of health and medical care Kjell Norman.

- These are load-bearing parts that give up, so this is very serious for us, he states. 

Widespread resignation

Elli Masoe says she expected more from the regional management.

She would have liked management to sit down and have personal meetings with staff to listen.

- Faith in the future from management upwards and downwards is missing.

Trust that someone will be able to improve is lacking.

It is a widespread resignation.