European markets in progress thanks to the good opening of Wall Street in the afternoon.

Milan appreciated by about half a point, in line with London's performance, while Frankfurt and Paris advanced by almost one percentage point. 

In Piazza Affari, industrialists and some banks gain ground, while utilities retreat while natural gas prices return to rise (187 euros per megawatt hour in Amsterdam) after the announcement of the Nord Stream 1 fault. Oil is also on the rise, with Brent at 85 dollars a barrel. 

On the government bond market, ten-year yields rise throughout Europe after the words of Largarde, number 1 of the ECB, which suggest a long period of high inflation.

The yield on our 10-year BTP rises to 4.56% with the BTP / Bund spread at 246 basis points.

Euro against dollar at 0.96 and 20.