China News Service, September 27. According to a comprehensive Russian media report, on the 27th local time, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the food supply situation in the world's poorest countries has not changed, and the West is provoking a global food crisis.

FILE PHOTO: Russian President Vladimir Putin.

  Putin pointed out that as of September 23, only 4 of the 203 grain ships that left Ukraine went to the poorest countries, and that the West helped Ukraine to export grain "completely a scam".

He believes that food shipments from Ukraine are actually bypassing the poorest countries, and the West is provoking a global food crisis.

  Putin said that although food prices on the world market have returned to the level at the beginning of this year, they are still 40% higher than in 2020.

"This is a direct consequence of the predatory policies of the world's richest countries, which continue to aggressively buy food," he said.

Putin cited U.S. grain import data, pointing out that, unlike in the past, the U.S. recently imported more grain than it exported.

  In addition, Putin also said that Russia's grain and fertilizer exports continue to be blocked by Western sanctions against Russia, which may lead to further deterioration of the food problem.