Prostate affects young men under 25 years of age

The Dubai Health Authority revealed that prostate infections affect a large number of young people under the age of 25, explaining that 25% of the age groups from 15-25 years suffer from the disease.

The head of the Urology Department at Dubai Hospital, Dr. Fribers Bagheri, said that the department receives about 1,600 cases annually, most of whom suffer from stones in the urinary system and prostate of all kinds and tumors of the urinary system, noting that 70% of them are men and about 70% are over 40 years old.

He stressed the existence of a relationship between prostate diseases, impotence and obesity, pointing to the importance of periodic prostate examination once a year after the age of 50 to detect the extent of prostate cancer, which is one of the most important health problems facing males, as it is characterized by a slow spread and a decline in its incidence in the sixth decade of life.

Dr. Yasser Farhat, a urologist at Dubai Hospital, stated that the symptoms of prostatitis are pain or burning during urination, a feeling of needing to urinate frequently, testicle pain, rectal pain, lower back pain and lower abdomen, and sexual problems, pointing out the importance of Preserving the prostate, which plays a key role in a man’s reproductive and sexual health, which directly affects the man’s physical and psychological condition.

Farhat explained the causes of prostate cancer, which are genetic and hormonal factors, advanced age, excessive animal fat intake, and low intake of vegetables and fruits.

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