Nicolas Tonev 08:01, September 27, 2022

In Russia, the partial mobilization continues to cause the exodus of a - small - part of the Russians.

More than 260,000 men would have left the territory in a few days, indicates a report of the services of the Kremlin having leaked in the Russian press.

Faced with the observation, the government could announce the closure of the borders to men who can be mobilized.

The influx has not slackened at the borders between Russia and Georgia, Finland and Mongolia.

Since the announcement of partial mobilization in Russia as part of the war in Ukraine, hundreds of men have left the country.

Thus, nearly 261,000 men would have left the country in six days to escape a departure to the front, announces a report from the services made to the Kremlin.

If this figure were to remain confidential, a leak in the Russian press reshuffles the cards. 

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Because this report shows an access of sincerity on a disaster, breaking with the blindness of last February and the invasion of Ukraine.

Until then, the services had always given Vladimir Putin what he wanted to hear, like last February when they sold a victory in Ukraine in just a few days. 

"No one attacked Russia"

But the situation no longer allows concealment, even at the highest level.

Almost everywhere, many demonstrations against the war are emerging.

"No one attacked Russia. It was Russia that attacked Ukraine. No to war!" This woman shouted in a demonstration in the republic of Dagestan, near Georgia. 

So, would the services be less inclined to help Moscow disguise the possible reality?

The Kremlin had to recognize errors in the mobilization.

The borders could soon be closed to men who can be mobilized.

The Russian power machine is no longer omniscient and now operates under pressure.