SVT Stockholm has called around to all the parties that unanimously agreed to the regional director's and general counsel's proposal for "Instructions for party political communication before the 2022 election".

It contains writings that employees must speak out as "private persons" in politics and that you may not share any form of political material without a specially arranged meeting at your workplace.

Only two opposition parties stand up for interviews to answer the criticism that this violates the freedom of expression of government employees.

No politician from the old ruling majority wants to be interviewed.

Is self-critical

Anna Sahlin from the Left Party is self-critical.

- Writings like this must not occur.

I missed it was as bad as it was.

It is clear that it has serious consequences, she says.

Finance regional councilor Irene Svenonius (M) chaired the labor and personnel committee, which unanimously decided on the criticized blueprints.

She declines an interview.

Opposition regional councilor Aida Hadzialic (S) regrets what happened.

Hear her answer in the video above.