Also New York could have a 'Mose' (Electromechanical Experimental Module), as in Venice, to protect itself from floods caused by anomalous storm surges, particularly during tropical storms or in the event of hurricanes.

The hypothesis comes almost ten years after Hurricane Sandy and the project was presented by the American equivalent of civil engineering (USArmy Corps of Engineers) to defend the Big Apple. 

It is a $ 52 billion work more than half funded by the federal government, and as such would require congressional approval first.

In the event of a positive opinion, 12 mobile barriers or dams (Venice has four) will be built along the mouths of the main bays and inlets of the New York Harbor. 

The hypothesis of a Mose comes two and a half years after a previous project that involved the construction of a single barrier along the New York Harbor.

It was discarded after criticism from then President Donald Trump.

It had an exorbitant cost of 119 billion dollars and, according to some experts, it could also have caused damage to the environment. 


MOSE of Venice