But infrared heating in the conservatory, electric car charging, engine heater and a small pool on the balcony made the electricity bills expensive.

Then Janne and Maj-Lis Dannberg in Gammelstaden took the opportunity to buy solar panels.

- We want to be able to use the house as we have always done without it burdening our finances even more than today.

We see it as a good thing to invest our savings in, says Janne Dannberg.

There is also an environmental perspective behind the decision.

- We already have an electric car and see this as a small step that we can take to help keep electricity consumption down.

That's how quickly the cost must be recouped

Three months ago they ordered solar panels for the roof of the villa and in a couple of weeks they will be installed.

And after the price of electricity increased fivefold in Norrbotten at the beginning of September, they are happy to have time to get the solar energy plant in place in good time before winter.

- When we started talking about solar cells, we calculated that we would recoup the cost in 11-12 years.

Now with these electricity prices, it looks like we will have earned it in 7-8 years, says Janne.