China News Service, September 27. According to RIA Novosti citing Swedish TV (SVT) news, on the 26th local time, two underwater occurrences occurred in the area where the gas leaked from the "Beixi-1" and "Beixi-2" natural gas pipelines. explode.

Image source: Screenshot of RIA Novosti report

  Reuters also quoted the Swedish National Seismological Center as saying that Danish and Swedish seismologists found on the 26th that a strong underwater explosion occurred in the area where the "North Stream" pipeline leaked.

  According to previous reports, the Danish Maritime Administration said on the 26th local time that the "Nord Stream-2" natural gas pipeline had a natural gas leak in the country's waters, and the Swedish Maritime Administration issued a warning on the 27th that the "Nord Stream-1" in Swedish and Danish waters There were two leaks in the natural gas pipeline.