carried out on the body found in the Toledo town of

Casarrubios del Monte

a week ago have confirmed that it is

Isabel del Castillo

, the Alzheimer's patient

who disappeared in Navalcarnero in August

, the Civil Guard reported on Tuesday.

The body of the 57-year-old woman was found by a resident of Casarrubios

in a rural area

between the municipality's aerodrome and the Calypo Fado urbanization, less than 10 kilometers from the last trail left by Isabel.

The neighbor of Navalcarnero

was captured by a city council video surveillance camera

when she was walking towards a roundabout located at one of the exits of the town, for which a large fence of land located in the direction towards which Isabel was heading at that time was beaten numerous times by family, neighbors and volunteers for over a month.

Isabel del Castillo in a recent image.EM

In addition, the Civil Guard coordinated on the 6th a device in which

some 250 people

participated to find the whereabouts of the neighbor of Navalcarnero, a pioneering deployment with the use of the Alertcops application.


main hypothesis

that is handled is that Isabel became disoriented due to the illness she suffered from and died a few hours after having wandered through rural roads.

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