On Monday, the gas pipelines Nord Stream 1 and 2 were affected by extensive leaks.

Holes in the lines caused the stagnant gas to leak into the Baltic Sea and several navigation warnings were issued for ships between Bornholm and Karlskrona.

The leaks occurred only a few hours apart, first on Nord Stream 2 and later on Nord Stream 1.

Details: May be attack

The cause of the leak was stated to be a "sudden pressure drop".

Now the German daily newspaper Tagesspiegel states that the leaks may have been caused by targeted attacks by submarines or navy divers.

It is also this theory that the German state starts from when they investigate the leaks.

- We cannot imagine a scenario that does not involve a targeted attack.

Everything speaks against chance, says an authority source with access to the investigation to the newspaper.

The damage will now be inspected by German authorities.

"Unlikely" with accident

The two leaks on Nord Stream 1 are said to have occurred several kilometers apart.

The distance from there to the first leak on Nord Stream 2 was several miles.

Tomas Kåberger, professor of industrial energy policy at Chalmers University of Technology, tells TT that it is theoretically possible for ships that drop anchor to destroy a pipeline, but that it is not likely as several pipes were hit at the same time.

- It is unlikely that random events would cause both lines to be damaged.

Nord Stream: No comment

Although the lines did not deliver any gas, the leak is believed to have been huge.

Nord Stream 2 alone contained 177 million cubic meters of gas according to Tagesspiegel.

The environmental damage is believed to be extensive.

A press spokesperson for Nord Stream 1 does not want to comment on the information about alleged sabotage, nor can he give a forecast for when the damage may be repaired.

- As long as the investigation is ongoing, we cannot speculate on the causes.

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Photo: TT